this should be fun.

we literally have no idea what we are doing.

by the way, we should mention...

We will be traveling with our two boys 2 and under in a 5th wheel trailer across the country. We have always talked about travel, but let’s be honest, getting out and going to the grocery store is a hassle. Yet, when we did venture out we discovered how easily(ish) our kids adapted and how our family actually thrived in new situations. This has inspired our longing and desire to be with our family and experience all our country has to offer. We will be documenting our travels in form of video logs as well as city guides. We know first hand that traveling to new places can seem daunting, add toddlers to the mix and it can be down right paralyzing. So we’re here to make it a little easier for you by documenting our mess ups, triumphantly flaunting our small achievements, and showing you the day-to-day of a fulltime adventure family. We hope you come along with us on our journey. 

what does this all mean...

It all started with a 20 hour trip. That’s when our love of cross-country travel began. Don’t get me wrong I would love to travel around the world but I also know that there are so many amazing places to visit right here in the States. Having two boys 2 years old and under, a large goldendoodle and a tiny yorkie, we figured our traveling was pretty much going to consisting of trips to Disney (which are super fun mind you). After that long road trip with our small brood we knew that our dream of traveling around the country could still be possible. We currently own and operate a successful business in Florida, which can be operated remotely, allowing us the freedom to hit the road.

where it all started...

oh yes we did

We’re a family of four who recently traded our little house by the ocean for an adventure of a lifetime. A recent cross-country trip spurred us to sell everything we own and travel around the US in a RV.

we are the
uncommon farmers

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Capturing the ordinary moments of everyday life has always been something we have strived to do with our small family. When we decided to trade in our small house by the ocean for a life of adventure on the road we knew we needed to capture every moment of it… 


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Our little (300 sq. feet to be exact!) abode on wheels. 

- The 5th wheel -

Our tiny, but ferocious yorkie, who teaches our kids fear.

- Sage -

Our counter surfing loveable goldendoodle, who stinks up our RV on the reg. 

- Zara -

the other crew members

Affectionately referred to as, “Monkey” and loves to party at 2am.

- Addison -

Can be heard yelling, “jump” from inappropriate heights along the journey.

- asher -

A city lover who drinks wine, prefers finer food and enjoys sitting at a crowded restaurant not necessarily around a fire pit (we’ll let you know how that part goes).

- gina -

A white water rapids guide back in the day, is always down for a good adventure and a stout drink.

- chad -

we are the little 'uncommon farmers' crew

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