5 Surprising Facts About Savannah Georgia

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Savannah oh na-na…get it like Havana oh na-na…but no seriously please take me back! I mean come on the food, drinks, and those historic squares with their fountains. It’s easy to see why people love Savannah Georgia.

Fact #1
Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and as you start to walk around you quickly feel tossed into a history book.

Where we stayed

We stayed at a brand new RV resort about 20 minutes outside of downtown Savannah called Creekfire Motor Lodge.  

Let me tell you, this RV resort fully embraced the southern style and hospitality you expect when visiting Savannah. From the moment you pull up to it’s gorgeous clubhouse, you will know you are in for an amazing stay. The property looks like it could be found straight out of a farmhouse magazine.

The property consists of 105 acres, which features a resort style pool, splash pad for the kids, and an outdoor game area complete with a Bocce ball court, fire pit, and more. The boys absolutely loved it!!! We went fishing, walked their nature trails, and made a campfires almost every night of our stay. Overall it was a great experience for the whole family and we highly recommend booking a stay at Creekfire Motor Lodge.

Where we ate

Let’s talk food! There is no shortage of amazing food options when in Savannah. One of our favorite restaurant spots was Treylor Park.

This place totally made us feel right at home with all the photos of their vintage Airstreams around the restaurant. Rumor has it the owner Trey received his nickname “Treylor Park” while living in New York. His friends thought it was funny since he was from the south and his name was Trey. Real clever huh! But don’t feel to bad for the guy, he took that name all the way to the bank and created this amazing place.

We ended up trying both locations which go off the same theme just different names (Treylor Park and Hitch). We tried the Treylor Park Nachos Grande and Chicken & Pancake Tacos. I’ll tell you what, it was quite the treat to say the least.

Everywhere we visited in Savannah seem to be fairly kid friendly and just laid back in general. Now this could be because it’s one of the few major cities in the country that allows you to walk around town with a beer or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter while you stroll these amazing streets. I’m guessing at some point in time someone thought what better way to explore a city than with drink in hand…As long as it’s in a solo cup or any other type of normal glass…No beer bottles is the jist of it.

With this newly acquired knowledge of walk around drinks, we headed off to grab a beer and try some garlic fries from Moon River Brewing Company (one block from Treylor Park on East Bay St.).Fact #2 | Second fun fact for you, Moon River Brewing Company is Savannah’s only craft beer company.

Fact #2
Moon River Brewing Company is Savannah’s only craft beer company.

Now if you know my husband at all you know he loves all things beer, so this was a must do on our list (added bonus, it’s right across the street from the historic riverfront district). He picked a super delicious IPA called Rosemary Swamp Fox and I chose the Belgium called Wild Wacky Wit. With drinks in hand and full bellies we headed down to the riverfront.

Caution sad story ahead! Turn back now! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Chad spilt his beer while trying to push the stroller one handed down the old cobblestone hill leading to the riverfront. I mean, this hill leading down to the river was laid with over 200 year old cobblestones and were not forgiving on our double stroller.

It’s not the most kid friendly street and mainly has bars and tourist shops but still worth the visit nonetheless. You will definitely feel as if you’re walking straight into the 1800’s, but hopefully minus Yellow Fever.

Fact #3
The Riverfront was hit with yellow fever in 1818 and the entire area was quarantined and later abandoned for 100 years. In 1970 a few local landowners and city planners revived the riverfront to make it what it is today.

The next day we wanted to make it as much about the kids as we could and decided to go to the Savannah Children’s Museum and Train Museum. We Needed food of course to start and after some research we settled on Little Duck Diner. Beyond having some amazing breakfast food and mixed drinks they put little rubber duckies in the drinks which the kids absolutely loved!

We ordered mimosas and gave the boys our duckies for the drinks. The restaurant itself is absolutely gorgeous with stylings that reminded us of a restaurant straight out of SOHO NY with it’s leather tufted benches, carrera marble tables, and gold light fixtures. Toss in the rubber duckies for the kids and you have happy adults and happy kids, a total win/win in my book.

Where we played

We walked to the Train Museum and Children’s Museum after brunch and Asher was in absolute heaven. The museums share the same grounds so it’s super convenient to explore without having to pack everyone up and go somewhere else, which we appreciate.

This place is literally an old train yard where they used to perform maintenance on railcars. They have several working locomotives there as well as about a dozen different locomotives that you can walk through. Fact

Fact #4
For over 100 years the railroad was the largest employer in Savannah. The city owes a large part of its success to the railroad.

The coolest thing we did at this Train Museum was ride on an old train car that had to use a turntable, and yes it’s exactly how it sounds. The trains would pull onto this turntable and it would spin them in a different direction depending on the type of maintenance they would be needing.

It was really cool to watch and after it was done spinning into place you could board the train and ride down to one of the maintenance buildings to see all of the old trains they are currently refurbishing.

Since the Train Museum and Children’s Museum share the same property we took a leisurely walk through the property to the Children’s Museum. Now let me preface that the Children’s Museum is not as much a museum as it is an interactive playground. But man alive is it cool!

It’s down in what looks like it would have been the old basement of an old building that only has a few bricks left. I know it sounds weird and I’m probably not doing it justice in my description but trust me when I say it’s super unique and cool. It has a maze, sensory area with instruments, a garden, slides and a ton of other cool things. We probably spent an hour there and both of the boys really had a blast exploring everything it had to offer.

Our last day in Savannah we decided to explore Wormsloe Plantation, which was actually right down the road from our RV resort. Fact #5 | Fact number five is the scene in Forrest Gump where he is running away and Ginny is screaming “Run Forest, run!” was actually filmed right on this road.

Fact #5
The scene from Forrest Gump where he is running away and Ginny is screaming “Run Forest, run!” was filmed right on this road.

Wormsloe is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly not crowded. We were able to get some really cool shots of the long drive leading up to the plantation and park. It’s also home to an old fort and some cool trails leading out to the marsh with views for days. Overall it was a really incredible place and worth the visit for a change of scenery and to get a taste of Savannah’s nature side.

Well that’s a wrap on Savannah! Overall it is a totally unique town with a laid back hospitality and feeling that you won’t find anywhere else. We absolutely loved our visit! Next week we plan on going in a totally different direction and hitting up the mountains of Asheville, NC.


Feb 12, 2019

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