Why We Purchased a Used RV Over Brand New

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We pulled the trigger! When our search for RV’s started, we had no idea what we were looking at. We called 5th wheels mobile homes and pull behind trailers 5th wheels. Lord help us!

After a few short months we received a crash course on all things RV and were able to piece together exactly what we wanted out of the RV. Since we have two young boys we initially only looked at RV’s with bunkhouses.  But the more and more we looked the more we noticed that the living space was smaller and the length was nearing 40+ feet! Yikes!

We decided to buy a brand new 5th wheel. Our thoughts were this: If we purchased brand new, we could pick out exactly what we wanted! All those grand RV finishes! We had all the papers written up and were about to sign on our 42+ foot, beautiful, midbunk 5th wheel when we began to feel a heaviness set in. What were we doing? Why were we purchasing brand new when we wanted to save money? Why did we need everything in a unit when we desired to live more intentionally with less?

Then insert this beauty…

The kids had woken up really early one morning. Well, they always wake up early, but a bit earlier than usual for them. We were sleepy and wanted just a little more quiet time. So we loaded the kids up in the car, drove through our coffee shop, and hit the road for the largest RV dealership in our area. When we walked on the lot and saw her I knew instantly that she was the one! I loved the floor plan, and she was only 36 feet (which made us feel a little better). We loved the openness of the living space and how the kitchen was contained so the kids wouldn’t be crawling around at my feet. We were ecstatic! Best of all since we were buying used we could actually spend money on renovating and adding our touch to the space.

Everything fell into place and we had so much peace about our decision. The best part was on our final trip back home after the second time driving up we realized that every leg of our trip there was a rainbow in the sky. At that moment we were filled with gratitude knowing God was in control of our journey.

Our plan for the space…


RVs usually have a lot of browns. Like A LOT! We are demoing all the extra heavy brown cabinets that hang in the trailer, All upper cabinets, dressers, flooring, countertops, shower door, medicine cabinet, and headboard are going bye-bye. It’s been a process for sure and we have discovered there is more than meets the eye when removing so much from an RV. We have uncovered power cords, pipes, staples, and random wallpaper in random places. We are sure to discover more. We will keep you posted.


Painting is a job. We have heard it repeated time and time again with these RVs. Between sanding, covering up all the brown, and more sanding, we decided that this project was going to be hired out to professionals. So that’s precisely what we did! We both work and with the two kids we were not finding enough time left in our day to be able to tackle this one on our own.


Since the flooring was a combination of carpet and laminate, we are pulling it all up and replacing it with a vinyl faux wood flooring throughout. This is another project that we have chosen to hire out. Between all the extra trips to home depot and mishaps we figured we would probably save our marriage and money if we just hired it out professionally.


Last but certainly not least are some of the custom built-ins that we are having done! I’m so excited about this part of the project! Since we do not have a bunkhouse, we are having a custom day-to-night bunk made for the boys in one of the slides in the living room. We are also having a custom storage dinette created and faux wood beams to replace the trim. Yay!

We are hoping to be on the road by December and barring any hiccups we are excited to share our progress along the way.

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Oct 16, 2018

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