The Easy Decision to Sell it All for Full Time Travel

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When I think about selling everything and hitting the road I get a ton of butterflies in my stomach. I’m currently unsure if it’s the good kind or bad (yikes!). But surprisingly, making the decision to travel was easy.

The day we made our decision we were driving in the car, I was scrolling through pictures from a previous trip when I looked over at my husband and asked him if he would ever want do this full time.”Yes!” He said without a moment of hesitation. Here are some of the reasons why we made this decision.

Here are some of the reasons why we made this decision.


-Experiences over belongings-

We found ourselves always going to pointless places during the week just to make it to bedtime. Trips to the mall, target, HomeGoods, only amounted in time and money spent trying to get through our day. But what were the real experiences? We just continued to acquire things. These trips during our day always amount in stuff. When making this decision we wanted to have real experiences not just filling our days with shopping.

-Mental health and stress relief-

Anxiety has been a struggle for me my entire life. At times it has been crippling, but I made a decision years ago that I would stop allowing it to have control over what I achieve. Did you know that traveling reduces stress and anxiety? Uh, me either! I’m sure the move is going to definitely have its anxiety provoking moments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting in this world of flowers and rainbows thinking everything is going to go perfectly. However, research has shown that traveling reduces stress and improves mental health! Hey! Give me all that mental health!

-Financial independence-

Being able to no longer have to bear the weight of financial burden we had created for ourselves was another big reason for our decision. To think that over the next year we could pay off all our debt, gain financial independence, and all while experiencing this amazing country with our little family. It sounds pretty amazing and freeing.



Oct 14, 2018

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