5 Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Home

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I remember it vividly, the moment we decided to “List The House”. We were on a staycation in Miami, while we were drinking margaritas by the pool and chasing our two toddlers, Chad said “Let’s list it! Let’s list the house.” We thought it would be easy, that it would sell immediately, and we would get offers right away! Boy, were we mistaken.

We called up our realtor that day and told him our plans. The next day we drove home and met with him to get the process started. 45 days, It’s has been listed for 45 days. Out of those 45 days, we have shown our house 24 times. 45 days of keeping our house spotless with toddlers. 45 days of sitting by the phone hoping. 45 days of looking up how many times our house has been SAVED on Zillow. 45 days with no offers.

Here are the 5 things we have learned in the last 45 days.

1 – Detachment.

As much as we loved our home once we decided to sell, we found yourself no longer looking at our home as our home, it was just a house. We were excited about our next chapter and had let go of the emotional attachment we had.

2 – Not a one size fits all.

It was shocking to us how personally we took it when someone would say our closets were too small, the bathrooms needed to be larger, or there was too much landscaping. It felt like someone was talking about our child!! However, as time has gone on we understand that a house is not one size fits all. It is 100 percent okay if someone doesn’t think our closest is big enough. Someone else will think it’s the perfect size…hopefully!

3 – Showings.

Showings are an excellent way to say “Act as if nobody lives here!!” Since listing, we have shown our house 24 times and counting with zero offers. Ouch. When we listed, we thought people would request a showing and Voila! Sold! Nope, not how it has worked so far. We have experienced tremendous interest, and our house is priced right for our market; however, we have learned that it takes the right people for certain homes and multiple showings go with the territory.

4 – Emotions.

When deciding to list our home we were filled with every form of emotion possible! Excitement for the future, sadness for the chapter that was closing, fear of the unknown, and anxiety and frustration over the process. What an emotional roller coaster! Selling a home is hard on your emotions and it’s something we were not prepared to experience.

5 – Timing.

We had set our own “timing” for this whole process and figured because it’s a hot market our house will go quickly! However, we are learning the “timing” lesson time and time again (no pun intended). After this 45-day period, we have taken a step back from our timeline and have chosen to rest in God’s timing. His timing has always been the best in our lives and we are resting in the knowledge that when the time is right it will sell.

RV Reno

Oct 14, 2018

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